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Jenna, Tara & Rachael

Together they own and operate the home of SJS, Rastelli Kids Complex. Each with individual roles in the company, the three sisters share an equal love for cheerleading. Beginning their 29th season, Rachael & Jenna play an active role in program development, team selections, office management and coaching. They strive to provide a positive environment for athletes, parents and staff.


Tad & Nikki

Beginning year two with SJS, Tad & Nikki have developed competitive programming while leading staff to elevate their teams’ success. Providing a culture of support and discipline has contributed to our program’s continued achievements. Tad & Nikki have many cheerleading accolades under their belts ranging from 2x World Champions, 7x NCA Champions, 2x Majors Champions and multiple paid bids to end of season events just to name a few! They believe in building a champion mindset and shaping the total athlete both in and out of the gym.

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