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all star cheer

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Our Athletes

will learn

  • how to receive support from SJS staff & community

  • tools to persevere through adversity

  • ways to achieve physical and mental personal growth

  • excellent time management skills

  • goal setting tactics

  • important life values on and off the mat


Our Staff

  • mentorship to athletes on and off the mat

  • a safe and smart learning environment

  • valuable knowledge of the sport

  • a fun, supportive atmosphere

  • valuable feedback to parents

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Our Facility

  • 5 full 9-panel spring floors

  • Raised tumble deck with:

    • 2 tumble tracks

    • 1 rod floor

    • 1 spring floor strip

    • 1 air bed

  • a flyer training center

  • a Sonos surround sound speaker system

  • a secure entry way

  • parent viewing room

  • Cafe

Discover the perfect fit for your cheerleading journey with our diverse range of programs, offering options tailored to every athlete's needs and goals. Read below for more information on the programs offered at South Jersey Storm.

Full year cheer

Join our full-year cheerleading program for a thrilling journey of athleticism, teamwork, and discipline. From mastering stunts to perfecting routines, our program offers comprehensive training, competitions, and unforgettable experiences, fostering friendships and confidence that last a lifetime.

For individuals looking for a full year team commitment with varying ages and levels.

School year cheer

Embark on an exhilarating cheerleading adventure with our half-year program! Perfect for beginners and seasoned athletes alike, this program offers intensive training, exciting performances, and the opportunity to develop skills and teamwork in just seven months.

Coming Soon


Welcome to our inclusive special needs cheerleading program, where every participant is celebrated for their unique abilities and contributions. Through tailored instruction, supportive coaching, and a welcoming environment, we empower individuals of all abilities to shine on the cheerleading floor. Join us for a journey filled with friendship, confidence-building, and unforgettable moments of joy and achievement.

Coming Soon
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